Dedicated To Hearing

The Hearing Centre is a dedicated Hearing Aid Audiology Clinic with three offices in Monaghan, Cavan and Omagh.  At the Hearing Centre we want to put your quality of life first. We pride ourselves in offering hearing aids that are suited to each individuals hearing loss.  We firmly believe hearing loss requires continued consultation and our dedicated centres are there when our clients require any support however small.  The Hearing Centre is truly independent so we are are able to offer the very latest hearing instrument technology form all the leading manufactures. Taking into account hearing loss, lifestyle, your requirements and budget we will help you choose what is right for you. Our extensive range includes the most discreet aids to those using wireless communication systems.  All aids come with a minimum of two years manufactures warranty.

As well as diagnostic testing we can review your prescription and give advice for a better quality of life. We provide professional hearing advice and a confidential service to all those worried about their hearing. We are also one of the few specialists in Microsuction earwax removal.

Hearing Aids Have Changed!

Over the past few years hearing aids have changed dramatically. Long gone are the large behind the ear aids that were fitted to everyone no matter what the hearing loss and goodbye to the whistling.  Modern hearing aids are not embarrassing.  As well as addressing hearing loss advanced technology makes them slimmer, more comfortable and discreet to wear.  Technology now enables those with a severe hearing loss to wear invisible completely in the ear hearing aids.



At the hearing Centre we are delighted to offer free Flex:trial – try before you buy hearing aids.  Our Audiologist, Patricia is able to program a hearing instrument to different levels of technology as many times as required for the client.  No Committment – No money upfront.


Cost of Hearing Aids

Hearing aids vary in cost due to different levels of technology.  All hearing aids will provide similar features, however these may be limited in the basic hearing aid range.  The more  functions and clarity the hearing aid provides the higher the cost.

Basic hearing aids cost from £595

Mid range from £995

Premium from £1400



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